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Should I have a Blower Door Test performed on my home ?

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

If you are purchasing a new home or an existing Home Owner a Blower door test is a great option. It will allow you to predict future energy costs (if you are a new home owner) and for existing home owners it will allow you have a firm grasp on where your home stands from an Energy consumption standpoint - this will allow you to work with an expert to determine the best path forward to modify and mitigate energy deficiencies in your home and improve your Energy consumption - thus saving you money !

The blower door test is a diagnostic tool which is used to measure air tightness in your home. A large fan is mounted in a removable airtight frame of an exterior door. During the test this fan pulls air out of the house which lowers the interior pressure and pulling air in from outside through unsealed cracks and openings. A pressure gauge will measure the amount of air pulled out of the house as well as the amount of air coming in through the unsealed openings. This allows your Energy Advisor to determine if there unsealed cracks and openings in the building envelope that need to be sealed. Sealing these cracks and air leaks will increase comfort, reduce energy spending and improve your air quality - All Positives !!!!

This test is a required step to access government Efficiency programs and incentives so as an added bonus can be your key to access thousands in government funding to upgrade your home, which will also save you money long term - ITS A WIN/WIN !!!

Blower doors can be utilized when renovating or building a new home as well. Home performance contractors can use these results to determine recommendations on improving the energy efficiency and Indoor Air Quality.

A Blower door is also useful in determining if your home is too tight - That is correct your home can be sealed too well!!! When a home is built or upgraded to be very tight with minimal air leaks. In this instance a heat recovery ventilator HRV or energy recovery Ventilator will be recommended to bring fresh air into the home. These units will remove stale interior air without losing heat or cool.

In short a Blower Door test is a great diagnostic test for any home owner to avail of, no matter the home - even a new build! Contact DOMTOR today and let us show you just how much this can benefit you.

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