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Complete Home Inspection

DOMTOR Energy Services cares about your investment. We want to ensure our clients are provided with all the necessary information about the structural Integrity, Health, as well as how your home perform.  We are experienced Home Builders, Energy Advisors, Home Inspectors, Indoor Air Quality Analysts and Thermographers.


 As part of the Home Inspection you will receive :

  • Thermal imaging inspection using our Infrared cameras. This will detect air leaks, moisture issues,  potential electrical problems, inadequate insulation and much more.  

  • HVAC Performance Test - We will ensure the HVAC system is performing to standard using our specialized testing equipment.  

  • Energy Assessment will be conducted to provide potential home buyer with a detailed analysis of the energy consumption of the home.

  • Structural Analysis as included in a traditional home inspection

We will provide our clients with a detailed report complete with photos, Structural and Energy consumption analysis as well as recommendations. Our reports are simplified and easy to understand.  The information contained in our report will ensure our clients are empowered to make an informed decision on their purchase.

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