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Let's Talk Indoor Air Quality !

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

If there is one major thing that we can take away from the current Pandemic and The Covid 19 virus it is the importance of the air around us and our loved ones. Two things we have learned 1. Focus on what you can control and 2. Indoor Air Quality determines how healthy our spaces are.

Here is the positive. We CAN control indoor Air Quality to make sure our homes are safer.

Harvard University has been studying how to make buildings healthier for over 40 years -Here are what they have determined to be the contributing factors: Air Quality, Dust and Pests,Moisture, Thermal Health, Ventilation, Lighting and Views, Noise, security and water quality - So to put it into perspective half of these items can be managed using the advice of a Home Performance Advisor.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is not just the air we breath - it describes how pollutants, temperature, humidity and similar factors affect health, comfort and performance.

Did you know Indoor Air pollution is the cause of 50% of respiratory illnesses. 50%!! thats a huge number and we can control it !

DOMTOR Energy has an exciting announcement coming to help the people of Nova Scotia take CONTROL of their indoor air environment.....stay tuned we are very excited for this one !!

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