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Where do i go? What do I do to access these Home Energy Programs ?

Am I eligible for these programs ? How long does this take ? My home is brand new does it qualify ? Are all questions we hear. To answer them quickly - EVERY Home owner qualifies! Your Assessment will only take 2-3 hours of your time and it is the same $99.00 for everyone ! As long as your home is 6 months old you qualify, as we explained in our previous post every home can benefit from this assessment. Visit the following link for full details on the eligibility guidelines:

The information is easily accessible. You can simply visit They have all the information you need to access up to $5000 in rebates to complete your prioritized upgrades

If you are a low-income home owner, you may qualify for the HomeWarming Program and receive home energy upgrades for free. The link to that program is listed below :

So the only remaining question is, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ??? These programs are there for the residents of Nova Scotia - All you have to do is take the first step ? Who doesn't want to access free money to help them save money ? Make the call today

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