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DOMTOR Energy Services

"Building Performance Professionals"

Based on Science, Proven with Technology

DOMTOR Home Health & Performance Professionals

Based on Science, proven with Technology!

DOMTOR is a Sydney, Nova Scotia based company. We are proud to offer unique solutions and a variety of services to assist in making your home more efficient and targeting optimal home performance and most importantly the health of homes. Our business follows all guidelines set out by Natural Resources Canada and is setting industry standards, positioning us as home Performance leaders in the Province. Our team members are seasoned home construction builders/building inspectors/energy auditors, Indoor Air Quality Analysts with industry leading technology and training.  We are committed to providing smart solutions for homeowners.

 We can assist home owners and businesses alike by helping reveal areas of the home or building that may benefit most from retrofit, modification or build new and can pinpoint areas that have been the source of unknown or undetermined problems.  DOMTOR Energy uses advanced technology and building science to ensure our clients receive the full picture of how their home or building is performing from an Energy and Health perspective.


Our Services



 Comprehensive Services offer by DOMTOR ENERGY


DOMTOR Advanced Home Inspections- Incorporates a traditional home inspection with the addition of   Indoor Air Quality, Heating system/HVAC efficiency as well as a complete Energy analysis of all aspects of the home. Our Home Inspection will give you insight into everything that is going on in the home. We go above and beyond a normal Home Inspection !

Advanced Air Leakage Zonal Pressure Testing- Assists homeowners by identifying the building envelope air leakage locations and delivering cost effective solutions to stop unwanted cold and warm air from entering the house.

HVAC Performance Testing and Sizing-  The only way to truly know if your system is preforming and sized properly is through Combustion Analysis testing and Blower Door testing.  

Infrared camera Inspection – Used to identify potential areas of air leakage, inadequate insulation, water leaks and can be used to diagnose electrical overloading. Executed by certified Thermographers.


Air Quality Testing and Home Health Assessments - Complete Assessment of Indoor Air Quality, Mold Inspection and Radon Testing. This Assessment will also include a mitigation plan and suggestions on how to improve your Indoor Air Quality.


Radon Testing - Will test the naturally occurring Radon level in your home  and offer solutions on how to decrease these levels



Our Commitment

At DOMTOR Energy Services we believe that our solutions will soon become one of the biggest segments in the industry. We’ve only just started, but we already know that every home we assess requires our systematic planning, dedication and  customer based approach. Our focus is to save our clients wasted home energy dollars and improving their personal home carbon footprint as well as ensuring a Healthy home for their families to enjoy. Continue reading and learn all there is to know about the smart efficient approach behind our business.

Call Us for Your In Home Consultation Today and Start your journey to a Healthier more Efficient Home!

Proudly offering Trinity Energy Group Home Energy Assessments for just $99.00!!

81 Kytes Hill Drive
Sydney, NS
B1M 1A7

902 317 6984

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